1. Are you manufacturer or trading company?

We are manufacturer of water jet cutting machine in JINAN city, Shandong, China.



2. What kind of material does your water jet cutting machine can cut?

There are plenty materials our water jet cutting machine can cut, such as stone, ceramic, quartz, glass, foam, plastic, rubber, copper, brass, aluminum, mild steel, pre-hardened steel, titanium, inconel and cast alloy.

3. What's your CNC water jet cutting machine's max. cutting thickness?

Generally speaking, if cut steel the max thickness of our water jet cutting machine can be up to 240mm, but we suggest cut no more than 150mm for smooth cutting. Now our Z axis distance is 170mm, we can customize for customers. Regular thickness please refer to: Marble is 0-120mm; granite is 0-110mm; tiles are 0-40mm; glass and mosaic is 0-80mm; steel, stainless steel, copper is 0-60mm; aluminum is 0-80mm; plastic, acrylic, foam is 0-200mm.

4. How we supply after-service?

Some countries we have after-service department, we will provide local service, if have no local service, we will arrange engineer for overseas installation and training. The installation and training time is generally 7-10 days. And we also can provide installation videos.

5. What's your delivery time?

Generally speaking is 30 days. if have stock, 7-15 days.