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automatic abrasive sand removing system can be used for any brand water jet cutting machine

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automatic abrasive sand removing system can be used for any brand water jet cutting machine
automatic abrasive sand removing system can be used for any brand water jet cutting machine


Abrasive sand removing and recycling system introduction


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water cutting abrasive sand removal system is dedicated to cleaning waste sand for water cutting equipment. The equipment break through the traditional waste sand to clear the various problems, in international and domestic market it is the most effective, most convenient, most simple water cutting grit removal system.

CHANNELARK-046-type abrasive sand removal system features:

1. not affect normal water jet cutting work

The abrasive sand removal device can also work when the water jet cutting machine is working.put the sand suction nozzle into the water jet tank, abrasive sand removal work can be carried out. At the same time it will not affect the completion of Desanding waterjets work properly. The device is fully avoid the traditional sand must be shut down, the water tank must be drained, after exhausted sand you need to fill with water again in before.

2. Simple operation, sand removal thoroughly, very fast

The device requires only five steps in the operation can be completed Desanding: 1, equipment in place → 2, turn on the air supply → 3, the sand suction nozzle into the tank → 4, turn on the gas source switch degritting → 5 After sand full stop dumping waste sand. Desanding rate of the device at more than 90%, if the Sand is much, but mud and other impurities (plastic, paper, nylon mesh, etc.) is not much, finish work only needs 30 minutes.

3. Large capacity

The device diameter is 630mm, height is2.2M, sand removal capacity is up to 460 liters. For example 2X3M tank, clear 3-4 cans, you can continue to use. Can make device diameter with 720MM.

4. thick steel plate, perfect hydraulic system

The device uses 8mm thick steel tank ,in the tank internal integration of advanced water-sand separation system. Base is made of 20mm thick steel plate, durable. Switch door manual hydraulic system, and a safety bolt that door switch and sealing easy, safe and convenient.

5. powerful, stable

The device uses the most advanced pneumatic fluid pump, driven by the high-pressure gas can generate a steady stream of high-pressure water, provide the impetus for rapid Desanding

6. Energy Saving

The device does not process the whole Desanding loss of water in the tank, no waste water.

Note: 1, the gas source required 12mm diameter pipe, the gas pressure to 0.4 ~ 0.8MPa, gas supply must be greater than 0.6m³ / min.

2, before remove sand, the system much be filled with water. After finish work, the water go into the tank and the waste sand go into the removing system.

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